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A Short Introduction To Extension Tubes

In my previous article, “Sharpness is overrated“, I highlighted a technique of taking macro shots. Extension tubes, in combination with Tamron 90mm, were used throughout the process. Moreover, the shots in this Flickr album were created using this combination. The following three shots were also produced through the same combination of tubes and a macro lens. This …

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Composition for Beginners: Six Tips to Instantly Improve Your Shots.

Have you ever taken a photo that just doesn’t look quite right? The subject is amazing so why isn’t your final shot amazing too? Often the answer is composition.  Stop and read a few photo critiques and you will almost always see compliments, tips or out-right criticisms of the shots composition, it really is that …

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There’s Always ‘Something That Works’ in Lightroom

In this article, photographer Peter Domican LRPS talks about how Lightroom and the Hacking Photography Monthly Edit course have changed the way he thinks about photography, as well as shares some helpful editing tips and examples.  How the Monthly Edit helped me switch from Aperture to Lightroom By good fortune, I found the Hacking Photography (HP) Monthly …

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