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In Praise of Snapshots

Snapshots. Ugh. The word makes us cringe. When I Googled the definition, Miriam-Webster defined a snapshot as “a casual photograph made typically by an amateur with a small handheld camera”. says “an informal photograph, especially one taken quickly by a handheld camera.” Serious Photographer Like most serious photographers, I am always working to make my images …

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A Short Introduction To Extension Tubes

In my previous article, “Sharpness is overrated“, I highlighted a technique of taking macro shots. Extension tubes, in combination with Tamron 90mm, were used throughout the process. Moreover, the shots in this Flickr album were created using this combination. The following three shots were also produced through the same combination of tubes and a macro lens. This …

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camera gearphotography tipstips and tutorials

Small Wonders: Mirrorless Cameras in Industry and Architecture.

Hello, we are Urban Industrial Imaging, Frank Villafañe and Rose Rios, a New Jersey based husband and wife photography team. We’ve been shooting Nikon full-frame cameras professionally for the past 4+ years but have recently been experimenting with mirrorless cameras in our business. Most of what we shoot would be considered architectural/real estate: residential and …

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